What We Do

We teach.

We teach in local venues and present the Bible in such a way that we can make life changing choices by having new understanding of what the scriptures tell us. Wisdom, love, judgment, discretion, and forgiveness are some of the areas we stress to help people make life choices that will be build equity in relationships. There is an abundant life in Christ and we help people see this opportunity clearly in our teachings.

We disciple.

We disciple, mentor and coach on a one on one basis. Over a specified time period, usually one year or less, we design an individualized program to help people further their experience in Jesus. It is a program that develops understanding and holds the individual accountable for their life choices and their dedication to maturing in Christ.

We support.

We are corporate chaplains. Every business needs a positive culture to create a place where employees and customers alike are happy and comfortable. For management, that kind of environment is a more profitable place. Our goal is to help employees live better personal lives by helping them navigate the obstacles they will face in life. We seek to build integrity, commitment, loyalty, kindness, courtesy and respect among employees. Better employees reduce expenses, increase sales and make the company margins expand.