Corporate Chaplain Program

Corporate Ministry provides pastoral guidance and oversight to a company’s employee base. The program includes a weekly devotional in a business environment, addressing the corporate challenges with Christian direction. Social media support throughout the week will reinforce the message.

We have experienced teachers and instructors with many years of teaching and counseling experience. Our staff consists of both male and female employees to accommodate the needs of your employee base. Our staff functions as life coaches rather than psychologists.

Employees will have access to one-on-one support through personal communications with a Pastor/Counselor. The goal of the program is to coach employees toward a more stable and consistent outlook on life, making them more efficient and valuable employees.

Employee Devotions & Training Include:

Honesty & Personal Integrity
Importance of Arriving On-time
Teamwork & Getting Along
Supporting Company Policies
Using Time & Materials Effectively
Respect & Kindness to Clients
Personal Budgeting
Using Sick Days Appropriately

We respect company time. Devotions will be done at the convenience and direction of employer. Teacher will limit total time to 15 minutes to prevent delaying the work day to any degree. Additional correspondence with employees will be done via text or social media to minimize interruptions of schedules.

Invest and grow your employees with our Corporate Chaplain Program.

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“Let every skillful craftsman among you come and make all that the Lord has commanded” Exodus 35:10